Christopher Ashwood

Head Editor, Glycomics Methods

Chris is currently revolutionizing our access to LC-MS based glycomics methods at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

Learn more about Chris here.

Ben Orsburn

de facto Editor in Chief

Ben Orsburn is best known for saying more words about mass spectrometry per day than any living person.

Ben Neely

Head Editor, DIA Methods

Ben's research at the NIST Marine Biochemical Sciences Group is centered on generating standardized proteomic data across non-model species. 

Learn more about Ben here.

Rebekah Gundry

Head Editor, Subcellular Proteomics Characterization

The Gundry Lab at the Medical Science of Wisconsin is developing novel -omics technologies to explore cardiac tissue and stem cells.

Jun Qu

Head Editor, Translational Proteomics

The Qu Lab at SUNY Buffalo uses mass spectrometry to support both primary medical research and direct application to pharmaceutical analysis.

Visit the Qu Lab here.

Paul Thomas

Head Editor, Top Down Proteomics

Paul is Associate Director and Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University.

Learn more about Paul here.

Matt McIlvin

Head Editor, Metaproteomics Methods

If you can catch Matt on dry land he's doing metaproteomics on the samples his team has brought in at WHOI.

Read more about Matt here.

Aimee Rinas

Bioanalytic Characterization and Validation

Need a new method developed or validated for clinical or industrial applications? Aimee has done this in the industrial sector for the world's biggest companies, but has returned home as a Senior Scientist at AIT Biosciences and as a longest tenured contributor to this project.

Zhaojing Meng

Editor for Biotherapeutic Characterization

Zhaojing is a leading figure in Biotherapeutic Characterization by LC-MS in the Washington, D.C. area. You can read more about Zhaojing here.

Avantika Dhabaria

Editor for Peptide Identification Methods

Avantika is Assistant Director of the NYU Langone’s Proteomics Laboratory with extensive experience in proteomics characterization from both top-down and bottom-up approaches. 

You can read more about Avantika here.

Amani Batarseh

Editor for Lipidomics Methods

Senior Research Scientist
Lipidomics and Mass Spectrometry at BCAL Diagnostics Pty, Ltd
Sydney, Australia

Kristina Srzentic

Head Editor, Middle Down Proteomics Methods

Kristina is a leader in the emerging field of middle-down proteomics and brings these methods here from her work at NorthWestern University.

You can read more about Kristina here.

Simion Kreimer

Head Editor for Isobaric Proteomics Methods

Simion Kreimer is the resident proteomics grandmaster at the Johns Hopkins Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility. His specialty is isobaric mass labeled quantitation both for global proteomic comparisons and targeted multiplexed quantitation (TOMAHAQ).


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