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About this project

Mass spectrometry has been one of the most rapidly growing fields in all of sciences, with liquid chromatography coupled mass spectrometry (LC-MS) leading the way. Blame the late great John B. Fenn and his revolutionary discovery of electrospray ionization, if you want. The fact is that more people are being pushed or pulled into this field and, while you could argue it is a bit easier, this is still not the easiest field to drop yourself into.
The dream behind this site is to make it possible for newcomers in LC-MS, or newcomers to specific LC-MS applications, to be able to get in faster. By disseminating established methods by expert mass spectrometrists in these applications, we hope that you'll get going faster and onto the discoveries that really matter. 
This team might have an imposing number of citations behind it but we aren't perfect. There may be no such thing, but we hope that you'll find this resource helpful. If you have suggestions, want help with a specific application, or would like to collaborate, feel free to contact us at

About this project: Overview
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